Gerneal Objective

  • To raise public awareness among all freedom loving people concerning the plight of Dr. Oscar Biscet, all prisoners of conscience in Cuba and the Cuban people in general. A special emphasis will be made to engage those of non-Cuban ancestry, as most outside of the Cuban community have not heard of Dr. Biscet or the realty of today’s Cuba.
  • To provide an opportunity for solidarity between Cuban political prisoners and non-Cuban Americans.
  • To help secure the release of Dr. Biscet and all of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience.

Specific Goals

  • To produce and distribute a 90-minute documentary video, currently entitled, Oscar’s Cuba.
    (Specific distribution goals detailed in distribution plan.)
  • To create and maintain a website to promote both the documentary video and the cause of Dr. Biscet and all Cuban political prisoners. Website would include (among other things):
    • Clips, still photos and other miscellaneous information from the documentary
    • Written and video testimony from ex-Cuban political prisoners
    • Screening and presentation schedule
    • Links to other groups supporting freedom for Cuba’s political prisoners
    • Sample "letters to the editor" and "letters to Congressmen" concerning issues relating to Cuba’s political prisoners
    • Organized prayer groups
    • Materials to download and print
    • List of events regarding freedom for Cuba’s prisoners of conscience taking place around the world
  • To make presentations to interested groups. Presentations would include some or all of the following:
    • Screening of Oscar’s Cuba
    • Testimony and talks by ex-Cuban political prisoners
    • Question and answer session on Oscar Biscet and the current situation of political prisoners in Cuba
    • An in-depth explanation of the opportunities that exist for individuals to make a difference
    • A short list of potential audiences for presentations:
    • Catholic universities/high schools
    • Pro-life and conservative political groups and events
    • Human rights conferences
    • Catholic conferences
    • Non-denominational Christian churches and church groups
    • Public Universities and student human rights groups
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