Get Political

"Hope lives on in the prison cells of political prisoners like Biscet who, through their lived ones, continue to speak to the world about the ideals and values that must prevail in the face of one of the harshest climates freedom has ever known." - Nov. 5th, 2007 - Redstate Magazine - Mitt Romney

The Center For A Free Cuba has a very well put together section on their website asking people to write letters, not only to our government officials, but also to international human rights organizations and the Cuban government, asking for aid and freedom for prisoners of conscience.

It’s important to remember that, more than anything else, for a prisoner of conscience, publicity and exposure from the international community is key in protecting them from torture and murder while in prison, as well as helping to secure their release. The more well known a prisoner of conscience is, the better he is treated because the repressive regime does not want to risk the international out cry that would take place if a well known prisoner is killed. For example, if President Obama were to publicly mention the name of any prisoner of conscience, he would automatically become internationally know and therefore much safer in prison.

This is why it is important to write your local and national leaders, reminding them of the power that they have to help those heroes who are suffering unjustly.

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